Monday, June 9, 2008

Wouldn't recognize this country

Test your extremist knowledge and Canadian tolerance levels.

What are the differences in the feelings of contempt for Jews amongst the German Nazis of the last generation; the Canadian neo-Nazis of this generation; the Taliban imams and believers, and the domestic Islamic extremists in Canada?

Since the last generation dispensed with the German Nazis, who does the present generation of Jews (as represented by the Canadian Jewish Congress) chase after in Canada and insist be prosecuted? If you said, neo-Nazis only, give yourself a star. They leave Islam alone.

After all, it is a religion that is derived from the Abrahamic narrative. It would be like shitting in your own nest. Besides isn’t interfaith dialogue much more productive than government prosecutions, even if the purveyors of the other religion express hatred towards your kind, and even if the CJC claims it is opposed to hate in general?

We know that Islamists can be reasonable unlike those unreasonable neo-Nazis.

How does Canada prosecute its wars, here and abroad? It shot up all the German Nazis it could find to help liberate the European Jews, and all the Taliban who might wander into the crosshairs, to help liberate the “other Muslims" who might or might not be grateful for the sacrifice (time will tell). It even takes children away from their neo-Nazi parents.

As to domestic Islamists – its full citizenship, free money, free health care, anything goes.

And certainly nobody would dare suggest removing children from a Muslim home even if hatred against Jews is exposed as a reality in such a household.

If anybody wants to complain about such apparent hypocrisy there are always the human rights commissions who will oblige by removing dissenters’ human rights to ensure that the religious anti-western civilization elements are not inconvenienced in the public arena by the secular truth.

Can you imagine, say, in 1942, a German born Canadian bringing an action paid for and sponsored by a government agency to have negative media depictions of Hitler and the Nazi Party suppressed because it might cause Canadians to have a low opinion of Nazis? Can you imagine such an action getting a favourable result from the tribunal?

My father, a decorated WWII fighter pilot, wouldn’t recognize this country if he were still alive.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

No and neither would any veteran, what a sad mess we have turned this great country into.

Rob said...

Dead Reckoning,

As a vet, who's grandfather and his father who served and like so many others, paid the ultimate price. Your writing like so many others these days; twists my stomach up - feels like my first jump over again. That deep twisting feeling of - the unkown. It pains me so deeply to think that in Canada - we have allowed this to happen.

Keep writing - were reading.