Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mr.McCoy, you're needed in Canada

I am a big fan of the television show, Law and Order, as well as a couple of its spinoffs. I particularly like the tough prosecutor, Jack McCoy. He is ruthless and devious, hatching all sorts of strategies to force reluctant testimonies. Seldom do we see him flummoxed by his witnesses changing their testimony on the witness stand.

In what is yet another blow to the case against the alleged wannabe Muslim terrorists in Toronto, a prosecution witness has changed his testimony on the witness stand and forced the prosecutor to impeach him. In this instance, Sahl Syed, a 21-year old University of Toronto student, dismissed any thoughts that the training camp he attended with the accused was anything but a boys' weekend frolic in the park. According to the prosecutor, this is not the sinister testimony that he voluntarily came forward with and gave to the police three weeks after the arrests of the conspirators was announced.

This is beginning to smell like an organized set-up to sabotage the credibility of Canada's security and police services.

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