Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Well said!

This is the best summary of the farcical human rights charade now going on in the basement of a court house in Vancouver. How fitting that it is held in a basement.

In reading through a number of blogs covering this event I came across an interesting observation. I forget who made it, so if you recognize your insight shoot me a comment, I will give you credit.

The author noted that the Muslims complaining to the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal are purporting to speak for all Muslims in Canada. In short, all Muslims must be uniformly offended by the MacLean's excerpt from Mark Steyn's book. However, their entire case rests on the presumption that the Muslim community is not monolithic and that MacLean's/Steyn failed to make that clear in the publications. If they are not monolithic then how can they all be offended and how can this self-appointed clutch of Muslims, whose numbers might not fill a taxi cab, claim to represent a non-monolithic consitituency?

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