Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hello? Thees is the White House, please hold.

In 2006, American comedian, Albert Brooks, made a low key satirical movie called, Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World. I think it went straight into DVD and never got to the theatres. Satire in motion pictures does not carry well in the U.S.

The story line is that Brooks, who plays himself, is hired by the U.S. government to go to South Asia to study humour amongst Muslims so that Americans can better understand the people. When Brooks arrives in India, he is met by a couple of U.S. consular hacks who escort him to the offices they have rented for him. As he is walking down the corridor to his office he passes the open door of an office being used as a call centre. Two women, with strong Indian accents, are clearly heard answering the White House switchboard and putting the callers on hold.

I thought that was one of the funnier gags in the movie.

However, it seems outsourcing bureaucratic jobs to India is closer than we think, according to this Timesonline story.

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