Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A simple question, with disturbing consequences

I have been reading several works concerning religion and non-religion. They say that the fundamental beliefs in the Abrahamic strains of religion are that God is: 1. all-knowing (omniscient) 2. all-powerful (omnipotent) and 3. benevolent.

There are, of course, stories and aspects of the scriptures, which are the sources of religious dogma, that contradict these three fundamental beliefs about the supreme being, but at the heart of the deistic concept these three remain stubbornly embraced by the faithful.

In the course of considering the various arguments for and against the existence of an entity that possessed these attributes, a simple question formed in my mind.

If I were suddenly empowered with those two abilities and the one quality and I wanted to create a world, is this the one I would create? Is this the best world I could come up with? Could I do no better than God appears to have done?

And if my answer is that I could do better, then who is this God that has created this one and why should we honour him/her/it?

Ask yourself that question and try to answer it.

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