Friday, May 8, 2009

And the hits just keep on coming

One wonders how many times the public needs to be kicked in the balls before it learns its lessons.

There were two disturbing stories this past week.

The first was that the Alberta government has decided to spend extra money, in a time of deficit financing, to bolster its disgraceful Human Rights Commission. This is the one that outlawed an evangelical minister from expressing his scripturally-inspired views on gay marriage. It is also the one that dragged Ezra Levant through its meat grinder because he had published the Danish cartoons in his former news magazine.

This thing should be shut down, not enriched.

The second was that the Liberal party of Canada held a convention and policy proposals included expanding the scope of the wretched Canada Human Rights Commission to prosecute discrimination based on “citizenship” and “socio-economic” status. Since the grounds of nationality and ethnic origin are already covered, one wonders what “citizenship” would catch that they don’t. With respect to “socio-economic status”, that is a catch-all that one can easily predict will inevitably lead to a number of ridiculous rulings we will end up grinding our teeth over.

Why don’t these people know that this monster should also be starved to death, and not fed such juicy morsels to justify its non-essential existence?

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