Monday, March 23, 2009

Now it's Canada's turn to hide its face in shame

This member of the British Parliament, George Galloway, appears to be a publicity-addled extreme left-wing nutbar (he laments the dissolution of the Soviet Union), with a whiff of corruption attaching to him, and his views are likely too extreme to be popular with anybody outside of the membership of the NDP.

However, he should have been admitted to Canada to say his piece and, if in the course of saying it, he violates any criminal law he should be arrested and charged. How he can be a security risk to this country escapes me.

So what if he supplied aid to Hamas? He didn’t come here and raise the money and if he were to do so, then he could be charged under the anti-terrorist laws.

I am surprised that Ezra Levant would line up on the side of the government on this one and I think his reasoning is just so much sophistry. There is less reason for the Canadian government to bar Galloway than there was for the British government to bar Geert Wilders – at least in Britain’s case there was at least a threat of public disorder.

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