Sunday, March 8, 2009

Liberal Party of Canada embraces Tamil Tigers

I don't wish to support the views of Ezra Levant in casting doubt on the integrity of Michael Ignatieff, the current leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, and possibly the next Prime Minister of this country, but I do think the issues raised by Levant in this posting are very troubling. And I do agree with his notion the Ignatieff can't hunker down in the weeds on this one.

I am a conservative and have been a supporter of Stephen Harper, but I thought the promotion of Ignatieff to the front ranks at last gave the Liberals a reasonable alternative to Harper. How he handles this stink may change my mind on that one. It is clear that this is the same old Liberal Party pandering to every ethnic vote that is to be had, no matter how unsavoury. No wonder successive Liberal governments have never seen fit to outlaw prostitution in this country.

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jmwebb50 said...

I agree with your post. ANY group whose underlying dogmatics is violence against any other group, contravenes our "hate" laws and should not be tolerated, and especially not endorsed. Good on you for distilling the truth. Regards, Jan Webb