Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Israel and Genocide

חדשות NRG - A Homemade Genocide: "There are those that claim that Arab and Muslim states are immune from criticism, because they are not democratic, but Israel is more worthy of criticism because it has democratic pretences. Claims like this are Orientalism at its worst. The covert assumption is that the Arabs and the Muslims are the retarded child of the world. They are allowed. It is not only Orientalism. It is racism.

The Arabs and the Muslims are not children and they are not retarded. Many Arabs and Muslims know this and write about it. They know that only an end to the self-deception and a taking of responsibility will lead to change. They know that as long as the west treats them as unequal and irresponsible it is lending a hand not only to a racist attitude, but also, and mainly, to a continuation of their mass murder.

The genocide that Israel is not committing, that is completely libelous, hides the real genocide, the silenced genocide that Arabs and Muslims are committing mainly against themselves. The libel has to stop so as to look at reality. It is in the interest of the Arabs and the Muslims. Israel pays in image. They pay in blood. If there is any morality left in the world, this should be in the interest of whoever has a remaining drop of it in him. And should it happen, it will be small news for Israel, and great news, far greater news, for Arabs and Muslims."

This is the epilogue from a long piece by an Israeli journalist, Ben Dror Yemini, published on the Internet at this website.

It expresses a viewpoint that I have held for some time: the liberal-leftists who condemn Israel and praise the Palestinians, who condemn the Americans but ignore the Arab responsibility in the Muslim versus Muslim civil war raging in Iraq, think the Arabs and Muslims are childlike. I believe that they do not understand that such a view of Muslims and Arabs is racist.

With respect to the rest of Mr. Yemini's article, he has assembled, from a number of public sources, a catalogue of war deaths in the past 60 years. He invites us to compare the record over the same period of time, particularly the Muslim record and that of European powers, with Israel's, and asks us why Israel should be saddled with accusations of genocide when one looks at the "proportionate" picture. Leftist-liberals love that word proportion -- if only they would actually undertake the exercise instead of predertiming the outcome.

I will give you a summary of his statistics, but first a word about them. He gives ranges because obviously it is very difficult to determine exact numbers of deaths under war condition and the public sources differ (for a recent example, the U.N. now claims 36,000 Iraqis died last year as a result of the civil war, but the government of Iraq only claims 22,000). I have used the higher end of the scale because I believe there are always more victims of war than the official counts.

Israel: over its 60 years of life, the state has fought several wars with neighbours and suffered two insurgencies called Intafadas. The total number of Muslims killed by Israelis in this period is 60,000.

Algeria: France killed around 1,000,000 Muslims. Muslims killing other Muslims since independence amounts to another 100,000.

Sudan: Muslims have killed about 3,000,000 other Muslims, Christians and animists. The killing continues unabated.

Afghanistan: Russians killed 1,500,000 Muslims, and civil wars (Muslims versus Muslims) since have claimed another 1,000,000. The war continues.

Somalia: Muslims have killed 500,000 other Muslims. The war continues.

Bangladesh: Muslims from Pakistan killed 2,000,000 Muslims in this country.

Indonesia: Muslims killed 400,000 alleged communists and another 200,000 East Timorese.

Iraq: During Saddam's reign, including the war with Iran and Kuwait, 2,000,000 Iraqis died, and nearly 1,000,000 Iranians died. After Saddam about 200,000 Iraqis have died, including around 40,000 resulting from the American led invasion. The Muslim versus muslim killing continues as an ever increasing pace.

Lebanon: 130,000 people died in two civil wars between Muslims and Christians, including 18,000 killed by Israelis.

Yemen: Muslims killed muslims to the tune of 150,000 during civil wars and thousands have since died in riots.

Jordan: Former King Hussein killed 25,000 Palestinians.

Chad: With a population 50% Muslim, so far 30,000 have died in civil war.

Kosovo: 10,000 Muslims killed in ethnic cleansing.

Tajikistan: Civil war claimed 50,000.

Syria: Hafez Assad killed 20,000 Muslims in one city.

Iran: Thousands died in the revolution, about 10,000 of whom were Kurds.

Turkey: 20,000 Kurds killed.

Uganda: Idi Amin claimed to be Muslim and 300,000 Ugandans died.

So the next time you hear somebody going on about how Israel is the most dangerous nation and engages in genocide, or you see, hear or read one of those Muslim happy face stories (i.e., Islam is a religion of love and peace, the Koran forbids Muslims to kill each other, etc.) keep these stats in mind and do the "proportional math."

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Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I still think it is right to hold Israel to a high standard for they claim to be a democracy with concerns for human, social and politcal rights. Also, one might expect their European history and the notion of "never again" might give them pause to turn so viciously on the Palestinians.