Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I may not like what you watch but I will defend your right to watch it

A guy named Andy Selepak has written one of those censorship columns in CFP that I find odd. He entitled it Charlie Sheen's Toxic Humour on CBS.

His complaint is that a situation comedy called Two and a half men is obscene or at least morally depraved. He wants his readers to petition the FCC about it. He watched an episode in which the characters, one of whom is played by Charlie Sheen, joked about kinky sex things they did when they were younger. Selepak says he turned the show off before it ended, in disgust. Aside from rambling on in an ad hominem segue about what a moral degenerate Sheen is in his personal life, and linking him to his brother and father, who champion leftist causes that annoy Selepak, his other appeal was to "think of the children".

So Selepak doesn't like jokes about kinky sex on TV.

So why did Selepak watch this thing in the first place? Why was Selepak rendered incapable of hitting the next channel button on his remote button when he first recognized he was in a moral place not to his liking, or simply turning off the TV? Why do his children stay up after 9:00 p.m. when the raunchier fare is offered on the tube? Why does he ignore pre-program warnings about content? Why does he not first read reviews of television shows before turning them on? Why does he not have parental controls programmed into his TV to prevent children (and perhaps himself) from being exposed to something he does not like? In short, why does he pretend he is some helpless victim of immoral CBS comedy shows?

We will never know because he never considered and addressed any of these questions in his greater quest to tell the FCC what you should not be allowed to watch.

Just for the record: I turned this show on once a year or so ago, watched it for about 15 minutes, and didn't find it so much crude as simply lame comedy -- no entertainment value. I have never watched it since.

But I will defend your right to watch it.

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