Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Protocols of Obama

Obama arrives in Norway for his Peace Prize

There is a story in the Guardian about President Obama pissing off the Norwegians because he won't participate, as Peace Prize winners usually do, in a series of planned public events. The most serious accusation is that he will not have lunch with the King of Norway.

Now, if ever there was evidence that Obama doesn't like Europeans this has to be it. A man who loves to bow to royalty passing up an opportunity to get his picture taken doing it again, what's with that?

Oh yes, the King is a white man.


Apparently, even though he did not have lunch with the Norwegian King, Obama met him and this is how he greeted him. Compare with the Saudi and Japanese bows below. I could be wrong -- it could have nothing to do with Obama's distate for the history of the white race, it could be because Arabia and Japan own so much of America, and Norway was foolish enough to buy American toxic derivatives.




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