Sunday, September 6, 2009

Canadian Human Rights Commission maintains its 100% conviction record

There has been quite an outpouring in the media and the blogosphere regarding the recent decision of adjudicator, Athanasios Hadjis, in the Marc Lemire neo-Nazi case before the Canadian Human Rights tribunal.

In a convoluted and probably quite appealable decision -- his decision was based on issues not within his jurisdiction -- Mr. Hadjis let Lemire off the hook with respect to financial penalties that could be applied to him under the Canadian Human Rights Act.

However, he did this after first finding Mr. Lemire “guilty” of violating Section 13(1) of the Act (the hate speech offense) in respect of one of the several charges that had been levied against him.

Commentators who have called this a landmark case seemed to have overlooked the point that the CHRC regime still maintains its 100% conviction record.

But, it is remarkable for two outcomes: yet another HRC insider has gone rogue and the serial complainer, Mr. Richard Warman, failed to collect any dough for his hurt feelings.

What needs to happen in this country is a grassroots push to make the repeal of Section 13(1) an election issue for both the Liberals and the Conservatives, since there don’t seem to be any other good election issues justifying all this media chattering about forcing yet another national election.

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