Friday, February 6, 2009

Between political correctness and McCarthyism it's tough for a simple atheist to get a break

What would you say about an ad on the side of a municipal bus that said this: “You can be good without God”? Inflammatory, outrageous, criminally blasphemous, scandalous, shocking – would those be the descriptions that would immediately spring to mind? Or would you just shrug and say, “Well, it kind of makes sense”.

If your reaction is the latter then don’t apply for a job on the Halifax transit authority. A local humanist organization applied to put that ad on Halifax buses and was turned down. The letter of rejection told them the transit authority would reconsider an application if the applicants “toned down” the ad. Tone it down! How? Remove the word “God”? Change “without” to “with”?

This is simply censoring free speech and you can bet it was politically-correct idiots afraid of offending Christians or Mulsims who made this decision.

But be glad you are not a Texas teacher . Here is a guy who taught in the Texas school system for more than 35 years and suddenly found himself suspended because the Christian riddled school board drew up a list of teachers suspected of being atheists and/or liberals and started a campaign to get rid of them.

Note that he never said he was an atheist, the school board just suspected him of being one. McCathyism in all its glory.

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