Monday, January 26, 2009

Dutch issue new instructions regarding asylum seekers

While surfing the Net, I came across this English translation of new instructions issued by the government of the Netherlands to its frontline immigration officials.

January 26, 2009


As a consequence of the recent decision by the Court of Appeals to order the public prosecutor to ignore its own decision that no reasonable case exists against M.P. Geert Wilders and to proceed with a prosecution against him for causing Muslims to cry, new priorities regarding asylum refugees have now been implemented.

Henceforth, all asylum applicants professing to be adherents to the religion of Islam and whose named country of oppression is the United States of America, Canada, or Australia (the preferred countries), shall be given priority and fast-tracked for refugee status.

In interviewing such applicants it is imperative that the admitting officer, with reasonable certainty, determine that the applicant has been resident in one or more of the preferred countries for at least ten years prior to his/her application date. This will ensure that the applicant has been subjected to at least two or more election cycles.

The 100 points system for admission as a refugee remains unchanged, but some of the points are now awarded as follows:

50 points are awarded for being resident for 10 years or more in the preferred countries

10 points are awarded if the applicant can show evidence of having made a formal complaint about insults to Islam, either individually or as part of a larger organization, to a human rights tribunal in the preferred countries and caused a formal hearing of the complaint to be initiated.

10 points are awarded if the complaint failed before the human rights tribunal.

10 points are deducted if the human rights complaint succeeded and the complainant received a damages award.

10 points are awarded if the applicant refused to participate in any way, including voting, in a Federal, State/Provincial, or Municipal election for religious reasons.

10 points are deducted if the applicant did participate in a civic election in spite of religious convictions.

10 points are awarded if the applicant flouted the laws or the social norms of the preferred countries and engaged in or permitted one or more of these practices:

a) polygamy;
b) female genital mutilation;
c) marching in a parade in support of Hamas and Hezbollah and calling for the downfall of western civilization, as well as bad things to be visited upon Jews, Christians, members of other religions, Infidels, and homosexuals;
d) honour killings of females;
e) beating female spouses.

10 points are awarded if the applicant can establish that he/she anonymously threatened a reform-minded Muslim with retribution.

20 points are awarded if the threats caused the reform-minded Muslim to shut up.

10 points are awarded if the applicant was unable to secure residence in a Muslim-only enclave.

10 points are deducted if there is evidence that such residency occurred.

5 points are awarded if the applicant can show satisfactory evidence that he or she sought medical help to deal with the psychological trauma inflicted by having to live within the rules of a liberal-democracy that elevate kaffirs and other dhimmis to equal status with Muslims.

10 points are awarded if the applicant can show that he or she actively worked to have the Sharia law implemented in the legal systems of the preferred countries.

All other point awards and deductions shall remain unchanged.

Note: Officers need to be sensitive to the situation of the applicant and understand that he or she is fleeing from an intolerable situation in a liberal-democracy and is seeking a compatible and compliant country of western heritage where the proper status of Islam will be fully respected, dhimmis and kaffirs will be properly suppressed, and the applicant will be free of any intrusion of the principles, practices, laws, rules, customs and other nonsense associated with liberal-democracies. Since the Netherlands has now become Europe’s obvious primary destination for these kinds of applicants, the government is intending to budget in the next budgetary cycle for more resources and staff to handle the increased influx of applicants from the preferred countries.

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