Thursday, May 22, 2008

Homosexual Marriage

I recently received an e-mail newlsetter from some organization calling itself the Canadian Centre for Policy Studies. I never heard of it before and how it got my e-mail address is a mystery.

A brief perusal of some of its contents revealed very quickly that it is a conservative organization. One of its stories concerned how California is making a mistake in approving homosexual marriage.

It goes on at length citing studies saying how important it is to a child to have a father and a mother. It suggests that this is a "human right". Further, it claims that society is breaking down because the traditional family is breaking down.

I have never understood the argument against gay marriage. If my next door neighbours, Bruce and Bob (fictious scenario), decide to get hitched, how does that impact on me, as heterosexual male, deciding to take a wife and start a family? I cannot see the harm.

If society is really interested in making the traditional family work, then it ought to provide significant tax breaks for family formation, and social supports. Families are breaking down for reasons that have nothing to do with Bruce and Bob exchanging rings.

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