Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Democracy equates with strong legislatures

A couple of American academics, Steven Fish and Matthew Kroenig, have completed a study ranking the power of 158 national legislatures globally. The strength of legislatures was measured using four factors: influence over the executive, autonomy, vested powers and the capacity to do things (like hiring staff). The correlation is that countries with strong legislatures have more resilient democracies. Weak legislatures cannot keep executives in check. The United States was outranked by 40 other countries. I have no information where Canada stood, but based on the criteria, I would think that Canada would rate higher, which, prior to this study, I would have found surprising.


Mupetblast said...

Do you have a link for that? That looks interesting.

Navigator said...

Reply to Mupetblast:

No, I have no link. I saw the story in an issue of Foreign Policy Magazine (probably the April/May issue, judging from the date of my post. When I tried to track down the original source it appeared to be an academic site that was only open to registered and certified academics.